Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Plaxico is gonna go to jail FOR LIFE!

I hate mandatory sentences.

They're stupid. Why even have a judge? In cases with mandatory sentences, we can save money by not having judges sitting around wasting taxpayer time by, well, reading and banging gavels. You don't need any legal background to tell the jury to vote and read their decision. Hey, guilty! Sweet! 5 years, mandatory. You shouldn't have stolen that candy bar, sir!

Plaxico Burress is apparently going to be a victim of this law, as the mandatory NYC minimum punishment for carrying an unlicensed gun is 3.5 years in jail getting prison-raped and starting handjob Ponzi schemes. And it didn't really help his case when the gay mayor of NYC (Bloomberg) came out and pretty much demanded that he get that sentence. Which I'm sure really helped out the cause and didn't in any way set up a potential mistrial claim if Plax loses.

However, I still don't think he's going to see much if any time in prison. And that's not just because I have a $10 bet riding on Plax receiving under 90.5 days. They've already decided not to go after Antonio Pierce (who helped Plax attempt to cover it up) as they probably realize they aren't going to get any conviction and are throwing everything they have into going after Plaxico, no doubt under pressure from the higher-ups.

But, really. He had a gun on an expired out-of-state permit. And shot himself. Sure, he could have hurt somebody else. That goes for drunk drivers, people speeding on the highway, and people who use illegal fireworks. However, I don't see them getting mandatory 3.5 year sentences. This would be like driving 150 mph on a suspended out-of-state license. Sure, you are an idiot and should be taken off the road before you kill someone. But I wouldn't give you 3.5 years in jail automatically. Unless of course you did kill someone. Say what you want, but that's how our legal system works. Sure the sentences are there to discourage crime, but that's not going to convince me that they are a good idea. Most people towards whom that law is directed are not concerned about an additional 3.5 years when they pull out their unregistered guns. If you really want to discourage crimes, start cutting people's dicks off when they get disorderly in public. It will cut down on crime!

So, we'll see what Plaxico gets, but I'm betting that some sort of plea bargain will be reached in the interests of both parties. However, I don't know that the prosecutors will be keeping their jobs if they plea bargain it down too low. Fucking Bloomberg...you're a billionaire and you might end up costing me $10. You greedy gay cocksucker.


Anonymous said...

spoken like a true criminal. you should still be in jail after the sarnelli's incident

Vern said...

Oh God. Well, if it were my third strike, I still would be.