Thursday, March 27, 2008

HOLY FUCK, he's Mexican!?!

Welcome to the first installment of HOLY FUCK, he's Mexican!?!, where we will explore the lives of people who you wouldn't think are Mexican, but indeed actually are. Fuck. First up is Texas Rangers catcher Gerald Laird.

I know what you are thinking...there's no way in hell that Gerald Laird has any Mexican in him. However, you have most likely made a career out of being wrong. Gerald Laird is indeed Mexican-American. And as Jarrod Saltalamacchia has recently been demoted to lowercase a ball, Gerald finally gets his (4th or 5th) chance to shine.

Laird may suck at fielding and be slow as hell, but he can hit for decent average and some occasional power. Plus, he's Mexican. Owner of the lowest fielding percentage (.984) and range factor (6.84) amongst AL catchers, Gerald is also the owner of a lonely heart and would no doubt benefit from some of you young ladies getting out there and opening up for him.

Gerald Laird, a proud Mexican-American.


Andrew said...

What a gay last name.

Anonymous said...

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