Tuesday, March 25, 2008

OMG, a blog!

Fucking right, dickheads. I have a freaking blog now. What does that mean? Nothing. However, I would like to get this to the very top of the Google Searches, and therefore I must say tits fuck ass jizz double penetration.

That should work wonders.

If anyone reads this, I would be surprised. I don't see myself linking to it very extensively. I want somebody to be looking up "table fucking" on the internet and stumble upon it. Or maybe "gravy recipes". That way your grandma will click this when she's trying to cook up some sweet gravy. I've also been told that my balls taste like gravy. Your grandma will be able to confirm that.

Fact is, once you go black, you smoke crack, or something along those lines, so I've obliged by that rule and made the background black. That way people can read it without burning their eyes out and ending up like Helen Keller. But don't think of it as white text on a black background, think of it as something exotic, like reading jizz off of coal. Or mayonnaise off of Dikembe Mutombo's back.

A side-story to this whole blog will be an effort by me to reach out and try to work together to end my lifelong battle with words. I'm working with words here. Teaming up. Pretty much a double penetration of your eyes. Me and words. Fucking you in the eye. Also, you can take proper grammar and shove it up R. Kelly's girlfriend's vagina, if it will fit. Because there is no place for it here. It can go fuck itself, kind of like a fern plant.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got some pubes to trim.

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Dave said...

u r gr8 & i luv ths blog!!!!!!!