Wednesday, September 12, 2012

America...we need a President who is not going to suck Muslim dick

That's right America. We need a President who will stand up for American values. A President who will stand behind the virtues that have made us what we are today. A President who, put simply, will stop sucking Muslim dick.

The Obama administration's mixed, shitty-ass mulatto response to the rest of the world following these despicable attacks on our embassy in Libya are just the latest in this President's attempt to extract every last drop of terrorist cum from the dicks of our enemies. This President doesn't care about us, America. He doesn't care about our present, he doesn't care about our future and he sure as fuck doesn't care about all of us individually. Not if there is a set of exposed balls he can cup, balls containing the seed of Al Qaeda. Not if he can lather his tongue all over the coarse-haired taints of our sworn antagonists in the Muslim world. And surely not if there is a stiff Muslim dick he can suck until he breaks the blood vessels. Probably with an erection facing Mecca.

America...this is not the change that we begrudgingly signed up for four years ago. Who we are at our core was never something that we wanted to change in the first place. Our families don't go to work every day in order to put Muslim cock on the table. We don't send our children to school to learn about Islamic penises and how to fellate them. And we sure as shit don't apologize to we are to any old towelhead who shows us a throbbing erection. And I, Mitt Romney, will make this clear as day to the rest of the world if you were to elect me this November. I swear on Ronald Reagon's dried cumrags that I will SURE AS FUCK not spend my time in office giving reacharounds to treacherous sandfaggots at Guantanamo. Muslim dick ain't going anywhere near this mouth. Ohhh boy. We're going to put a quick end to that policy, and if these freedom-hating oil spics don't like it, then they can suck my dick.

The choice is yours, America. Stand up and tell the President that you do not approve of our leader slurping Muslim dick while they blow up our embassies. Tell our socialist-in-chief that you do NOT apologize for America every time you get a taste for some of that desert love sauce. The choice is clear, my friends. Vote for me and I swear that the next Muslim dick that President Obama sucks limp will be his last.

Thank you, and God bless!

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Pay per head said...

haha I gotta say that I love the titles of your posts and your blog too, they are sometimes very explicit, but I think that they are honest, so keep it up!