Monday, April 21, 2008

Is the Ghost a Hyundai?

Now, I'm sure many people are like me and play Halo because they want to shoot people in real life, however, they can't do it because they can't afford a good enough lawyer to get away with it. Also, the fucking Brady Bill makes me wait 5 days to get my needler after I purchase it. And that's freaking gay.

Anyways, I was recently playing the game when I was hit in my head with a question. Is the Ghost a Hyundai? I mean, most signs point to yes. The excellent gas mileage (the Ghost gets about 37 miles to the gallon through the city before accounting for the plasma turbo boosts), the sketchy handling at high speeds, and the fact that they are really not even desirable enough to come with an anti-theft system makes me think that the Ghost is actually a Hyundai Ghost, and a lower-model version at that, kind of like a hovering Elantra. As has been brought up, though, the chintzy body that will completely fall apart at the slightest of contact suggests a Saturn Ion model. Then again, the fact that the Ghost will run forever if you don't hit anything suggests Honda. So it's really hard to tell. But until I am proven otherwise, I'm rolling with the assumption that I'm splattering n00bs in a shiny new Hyundai Ghost.

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AB said...

you are my hero