Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Review of Cassidy's "Where My Niggas At"

Ok, Ok, fine. I've been faced with a veritable deluge of requests to review and analyze the intracacies and of this wonderful song by Cassidy, and I guess it's about time to do so. This song is off of his CD "BARS: The Barry Adrian Reese Story", where he makes a play on the metal things that keep prisoners locked in jizzy (that's jail, not sperms), and can also be found on DJ Gunpowder Jones' mixtape "Blacker Than Pubes, Vol. II". Represent.

The song starts off with a ghoulish intro to the beat, along with Cassidy talking about shooting some black people or something and getting some money, and stuff like that. About 20 seconds in, the drums and bass kick in to give a powerful feel to the track, and the chorus comes in immediately. Right off the bat, we see that Cassidy can't seem to find his niggas and wonders openly about where they might currently be. But then we quickly realize that we may have been fooled.

"Where My niggaz at, Huh
Cock that Yo
Squeeze them triggas back,
Huh, Pop that yo,
If I gotta, I'm a Pop a nigga
Lay a nigga down,
I ain't playin, I'll spray a nigga,
Lay a nigga down! [x2]"

Cassidy isn't looking for his niggas because he wants to go on a shopping excursion, or wants to take a trip to the zoo or something. He's looking for his niggas that are down with shooting other niggas who deserve it. And he's not playing, as he makes abundantly clear. It's at this time we realize that we are not listening to a Barry Manilow record. And then it's time for verse one, where Cassidy elaborates on his plans to engage in gunplay.

"Niggaz ain't ready to die, They ready to tell,
That's why my squad ready to ride and ready for jail
They'll give you every in the shell in the K,
A couple rounds from the pipe'll make it sound like Independence Day!
And I could talk that gun shit, Cause I done shit,
My nick name should be Diarrhea, How I run shit,
And I done seen niggaz guns spit over dumb shit,
I got a young bitch named Nina that You could Tongue Kiss!
When It come to this gun shit I'm the man son,
Niggaz gon show me respect cause I demand some,
I play with bullets bout as big as my damn thumb,
And I'll spit the A R Hand Gun till my hand numb,
I ain't a hypocrite who spit shit He never did,
I'm a speak the truth whether positive or negative,
Don't get me wrong, I put songs that was conscious out,
But I'll still Grab the Thompson and Blow Ya Conscience out!"

As you can see, Cassidy likes to elaborate on just how gangster he is through a heavy usage of analogies and metaphors. He also notes how he made conscious songs, however, after he's done giving you the key to his hotel room, he might just shoot you in the fucking head. He really gets his point across that he feels like shooting somebody.

After the chorus, verses two and three are more of the same. Verse two notes,

"But I ain't the same Cass from the past,
I be tryna chill but I'll still blast at ya ass"

Cassidy does not want to shoot niggas, contrary to popular belief. He really just wants to chill out and play Wii bowling. However, if his hand is forced, he will blast caps, and most likely, these caps will be directed at your ass. So watch yourself.

" I got cash in the stash, and Money In the bank ya'll,
Hatin on me makin me rich, I wanna thank ya'll!"

A little known fact is that Cassidy receives 13 cents for every instance of hating directed towards him. So while he most likely doesn't appreciate the actual hate, the effective blow of the hatred is softened by the money he receives as a result.

"I'm the general, I'll let my military get you,
With the military pistols, that's military issued!"

Comparing himself to a leader of military forces, Cassidy notes that the guns that his "soldiers" will use (most likely, his unit is made up of the niggas he was calling for in the chorus) are military issued, and therefore likely to be fully automatic and extremely accurate and powerful. Combined with the heavy beat, this really puts fear into the heart of the listener, for should he encounter Cassidy and his special forces, there exists a very real possibility that a shooting will occur.

The chorus breaks up these messages and reinforces the central message of a man calling for his niggas. Ones who will cock their gats, and pull triggers back. Verse three comes on strong shortly thereafter.

" I got alota gats,
And I just fought a homocide and I ain't make 1 statement, You Know I'm Not a rat"

Cassidy did just fight a homocide. And he didn't snitch on anybody. So you know that player is for real for real.

"So what You gotta gat,
When it start poppin off,
You'll probly shoot your fuckin self tryna pop it off"

Ha! Cassidy thinks so little of your ability with guns that he believes you will actually shoot yourself in the ensuing shootout! Blatant disregard of the ability and merit of Cassidy's targets is another central theme to this song. He thinks very little of your ability to shoot him before he shoots you. Likely in your ass.

"But dawg you ain't hard as you say you is,
You needa tell your fans how soft and gay you is"

An underlying message in the song is that Cassidy thinks that you should man up and be strong enough to come out of the closet as a homosexual. In this day and age, the gays need not feel oppressed and he feels that they would likely be accepted by society if they make their orientations known.

"But I don't wanna hafta injure nobody,
Grip the pipe, Or stick the knife into somebody,
And I don't walk around now pretendin I'm Gotti,
But I'll still clap the mac 10 at somebody, Uh"

And then Cassidy gets right back to letting it be known that he'd still rather play Wii bowling, but will shoot you if he is prompted to. So, if you know what's best for you, you'll just let him bowl strikes with his Mii.

And after a quick chorus, the song ends just as it started...with a plea to his niggas to do what they do. All in all, a solid effort getting the message across to the listener. I strongly recommend this song to anyone who would like to shoot somebody, or anyone who believes that they just might be one of Cassidy's niggas. If you believe that you may be targeted by the man, you may just want to let this one go. The constant taunting will really leave a bad taste in your ears.

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