Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Young Hova, ya heard?

It's Young! Ya heard? Young Hova! Let me put my cane down. I ain't playin' with y'all.

But how ya doin'? You're here with the grown and sexy today, baby. In the morning. Hell, I couldn't sleep and I woke up at 5 am, but it's cool cause a playa went to sleep last night at about 8. I was tired man, you know, sittin' in front of the ballin' plasma screen watchin' some History Channel. Nodded off and dreamed about some fuckin' gangsta dreams man, you know, back when I was slingin' that rock down in the Marcy projects in the '70's. Dog, 30's the new 20, and I would know, since I was 30 ten years ago. Young! Young representin' today for y'all.

Beyonce just got her learner's permit, and I might let her whip the Maybach today, ya know, so long as I'm sitting shotgun in accordance with New York state law. She's growing up so fast. Developing that taste of the grown and sexy, like myself, Young Hova. Young! Young Hova! Hold up a sec.


Fuckin' young kids all up on my lawn. Got a playa goin' grey, man, I swear. These kids gon' put Young in an early grave, gon' drive a baller to drinkin'. Cognac, of course. I'll have to get my maid to get it for me, of course, since my lower back keeps flarin' up. Young! It's a young man's world, baby. And that's me. Hova! Ouch! Damn it, my fuckin' back, man! I'm too young for this. I need some Aspercreme.

*freestyling to himself*

Stackin' cream, jackin' fiends
Got a nigga puttin' on this Aspercreme
Back in '84 I was wearin' Wrangler jeans
You should see how fast I peel these fuckin' tangerines

You hear that? Straight from the dome, baby. I don't even write this stuff down. I don't need to. Young! Young Hova! I can make a hit in like, 10 minutes, baby. Cause I got that young mind. Oh, sudoku! Look at this newspaper. I haven't done these puzzles yet. I'll have to hit these up later tonight, maybe with some warm milk. Hov! Aight dawg, I'm gonna go for a walk, maybe sit at the park and feed the birds or somethin', cause Young Hova got a soft spot for nature. Could you hand me my cane? Young!

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