Tuesday, May 13, 2008

"Also, I lay on the ice like a broad."

How much does Daniel Briere make to lay on the ice like a broad? Glad you asked. $10 million. Tied with two other dudes, Thomas Vanek and Scott Gomez (Scott fucking Gomez? jeeeez), as the highest paid players in the NHL. Obviously, the guy has to consider himself an elite level player in the sport of puck-shuffling.


"I've never considered myself a superstar," said a smiling Briere, who signed an US$52-million, eight-year free-agent deal with the Flyers last summer. "Obviously, they might get protected a little bit more. That's understandable, but when they do some of the cheap shots that they're doing I think it would be fair for everybody that they get the same treatment in that regard."

His cheap shots were in reference to the Penguin cheap shots that, well, I'm still trying to figure out which ones he was referring to. Probably just earning his endorsement money, as he has a six-figure deal with Always (with wings).

More importantly, the highest paid player in the damn sport is claiming that he should not be considered a superstar. Motherfucker, you are compensated better than any player in the damn league. This would be like Jenna Jameson claiming she was not a talented dicksucker. You ARE dicksucking, you bitch. But hey, everybody aboard the "Pens + the refs" bandwagon, complete with nonstop service to the Menstruation Station.

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