Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Greetings, white devils.

And I am being kind in the use of that nomenclature. Did you hear that? Nomenclature. Does that sounds threatening coming from a black man? Did white America even realize that a black man is capable of the utilization of words containing more than two syllables? Would you feel more comfortable if I was talking to you from the home that you give to thousands of young black men every day?

There, I imagine that is better. Behind these bars, the white folks are safe from me preaching the truth about America. The cold, hard, big black truth that you all fear. The truth that makes your ears bleed, your eyes sting, and your pubes fall out unnaturally. I know...I KNOW...that the white man created AIDS. I KNOW...that the white man causes hurricanes. AND I KNOW...I KNOW!!!!...that the white man shot Old Yeller. I SAW IT IN THE MOVIE!!!!

Young black men!


YOU MUST HEED MY CALL! You young black men are the future of blackness in this country. YOU MUST BREAK THE FIGURATIVE CHAINS OF OPPRESSION! You must demand change from the white devils. You must demand accountability from the white man. You must demand that the dealer at Hyundai not assume that you are looking for an Elantra when you so clearly have good enough credit to afford the Sonata. Credit! ANOTHER CREATION OF THE WHITE MAN! Designed to keep the black man in check, to keep him wallowing in poverty. As my friend and presidential candidate Barack Obama so stated in his book, "The Audacity of Hope", young black men MUST hope for this hope! IT IS THE ONLY WAY TO HOPE! It is not audacious for us to hope for change and hope! To one day take over America, and banish these white devils! We must give our young brethren something to look forward to besides a life of poverty or incarceration! WE MUST DESTROY THE PILLARS OF WHITE AMERICA!!!!

Holy fuck. This is not good.

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