Monday, May 12, 2008

We must send aid to Peking!

In response to the tragic earthquake that has just struck China, the US is pledging our support to the Peking government. China, we are there for you, and we will do whatever we can to help your great nation rebuild from this tragedy. The US is pledging immediate aid of $250,000, to be sent directly to the Peking government, until we can obtain more funding through Congress.

Particularly troubling to us is the tragic effect on many of the young school-age children of China, which deeply saddens both me and my husband. We pray that this aid package will enable China to get back on its feet, both emotionally and economically, as almost 90% of these children held jobs with Nike. Nike itself is pledging millions to rebuild the Nike factories that were destroyed in the earthquake. Fear not, people of China, for US aid is on the way to Peking, and you can rest assured that there will be more to follow. We will rebuild the area better, stronger, and even more highly polluted than it was prior to this tragedy. Like a Nike-branded phoenix rising from the ashes, the affected areas of China will rise from the rubble.

We have full faith in the Peking government to use this money as efficiently as possible to restore this once beautiful area to its previous glory. We know that this will be done. To commemorate this restoration to glory, we will be officially referring to the epicenter of the quake as the "Glory Hole". I urge the American people to heed the calls for help and donate to this cause. The more aid we can send to Peking, the better. Thank you.

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