Monday, March 22, 2010

Bleacher Report experiment

I've railed against Bleacher Report quite often recently, it seems. So why not join them?

I've argued that you can put just about ANYTHING up there and get away with it. So why not test out my theory? Well, I did.

Registering was surprisingly easy. Name, password, email. I used this email and the name "Tommy Writerson". Yep. It was that easy to register as "Tommy Writerson" and get onto the website right away. I mean immediately. I posted the following article within 20 minutes of registering:

Quarantine: Steelers Should Keep Ben From Leading Dixon To Life of Rape
By Tommy Writerson
Pictured is the potential face of the 2010 Pittsburgh Steelers...a Mr. Dennis Dixon. He's so inexperienced that he doesn't even know he's supposed to wear a helmet.

Assuming incumbent QB and two-time Super Bowl winning quarterback Benjamin Roethlisberger rapes his way into prison this off-season, Dixon will likely be the guy that coach Mike Tomlin goes to at the position. At the very least, he should get the first crack at it. Dixon started in place of the recently concussedRoethlisberger in 2009 in Baltimore, performing admirably but ultimately contributing to the Raven victory with a costly overtime interception.

That is, if Ben doesn't lead Dixon into a life of rape.

Ben's case is hovering above the Steelers this off-season like a stormy black cloud, or like some sort of futuristic hovercraft that also has a propensity to rape. However, he has not been charged and is free to participate in off-season workouts with the team.

They should not allow him to do so.

Allowing Ben to impart his rape-wisdom onto Dixon at best will not help in the slightest with the young QB's development and will at worstjump start Dixon down a similar path to a life of groping and other wanton sexual advances upon young, vulnerable women.

It's the same reason teams do not want to bring in either of the Joneses in. Both Pac-Man and Matt have shown flashes of ability in their young, troubled careers, however, there is no telling what the presence of either will do for the other young players on a team's roster. The Bengals took a huge risk on Matt Jones. Will he help teammate ReyMaualuga develop a cocaine addiction? Would, say, the Lions signing Pac-Man result in Calvin Johnson arranging a drive-by shooting against his high school guidance counselor? Only time will tell.

While Ben has not been formally charged with any crime(s) at this point, he has two sexual harassment/rape accusations against him in nine months and where there is sexually assaulted smoke there is usually sexually assaulted fire. The Steelers can absolutely not allow him to tarnish their potential QB of the future. Quarantine Dennis Dixon from the rapist influences of BenRoethlisberger.

Or risk Tim Tebow becoming the final hope.

And lo and behold, there it was. For a good three hours. I finally received the following message from Bleacher Report:

Hey Tommy,

Your article "Quarantine: Steelers Should Keep Ben From Leading Dixon To Life of Rape" was deleted from Bleacher Report, either because it failed to meet the network's Content Standards or because it was a duplicate submission.

Please note that the deletion does not reflect the quality of the article and should not be taken personally.  If you have any questions or concerns about the deletion, please raise them in our Customer Support Community:

The Bleacher Report Team

Well it sure as fuck wasn't a duplicate submission, meaning that they must not like articles joking about rape. Or teammates raping with teammates. Or something like that.

The fact that my drivel was up there for as long as it was says a lot about the website. Sure, they eventually got around to deleting it, but not for a few hours afterwards. It was not put through a submission process even though I was a brand new writer named TOMMY WRITERSON. Nothing. It was just there. And Bleacher Report has some pull, as this is currently the fifth or so result on a Google search for Dennis Dixon:

 Wow. And this site is actually respected and held in high esteem by some.

The main reason for this? I read this article today.

The money quote:

Before he and the Steelers move too far down that road, I'd like to propose a different solution. After what happened last year with the defense, one of the team's biggest needs is at defensive back. What about Sweed? Everybody says he has all the moves, and he's fast. Also, anyone who saw the AFC title game against the Baltimore Ravens knows he can hit.

Why couldn't he play corner? . The biggest obstacle I can see is perhaps Sweed wants to be a receiver and nothing else. But I find it hard to believe that the same person who clobbered that forgotten Raven two years ago would turn down a chance to play defense. Best of all no one would really be expecting him to catch passes!

Yep. "Let's move Sweed to corner!". For real. That was a legit article. And it was NOT pulled. Yet mine was. I'll try to get some clarification.

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