Monday, April 13, 2009

Rap lines that perplex me

Ok, that photo is kind of disingenuous, since the rapper in question is not Young Joc but instead a guy featured on a Young Joc CD, or as they like to call half-assed attempts at CDs on the streets, a "mixtape". On this mixtape is a song called Powerful Drawz, and it is just as deep and profound as the title indicates. I have no sound at work, so I can just assume that this is the correct song. I guess the guy who is responsible for this lyric goes by "Luney Tunez"...I don't know if it is one guy or more than one guy or some giraffes or what, but whatever. In the first verse, he comes hard with this firey line:

"'Cause where I'm from a nigga hate having dry sex."

Oh yeah? That's insane. Where are you from, dog? Earth? I'm so shocked. Are you telling me that this is why KY has been such a huge success and "Mama Rubio's Mojave Desert Sand-balm" just never quite took off? I just never made the connection. Wow. Luney Tunez, thanks for the insight.

The song goes on to record the following lyrics:

"In my hood, my niggas prefer homes with central air-conditioning."

"Where I'm from, we hate being hit by motor vehicles."

"Dog, in my streets, we prefered not to be exposed to deadly chlorine gas excursions."

"Homey, back in my part of town we used to hate paying taxes."

"Playa, in my neck of the woods a brother hate getting oral herpes."

"Yo, in my projects having your grandparents brutally killed by bears was a motherfucker."

"Yo cousin, were you from where I'm from, you'd hate how gas prices seem to be much more volatile when the price of oil goes up as opposed to when it goes down."

"Sir, in my hometown, we didn't like waking up with the headaches usually associated with drinking large amounts of alcohol, such as your Olde English or Colt 45-type beverages."

It really was an educational tune.

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