Friday, June 12, 2009

We've got a game 7 tonight

Oh snaps, that's right! Game 7, Pens v. Kotex Red Wings. Marian Hossa may lay on the ice like a broad AGAIN. Zetterberg likes young Vietnamese boys more than the law allows. Pavel Datsyuk knows exactly what happened to JonBenét Ramsey. Mike Babcock gives interviews like a heroin addict hurting for another hit. IT'S STANLEY CUP HOCKEY ON NBC!!!

Fortunately, I get to watch it in my house and go to sleep afterwards because I have a 6:30 am flight to San Diego tomorrow. Which is gay. Fucking great timing, Bettman...that Stanley Cup Finals are barely over before the MLB all-star break. I think the season starts again in 5 weeks with an exhibition in fucking Mongolia. There are balls to be licked, Gary, and they belong to every hockey fan on the planet. So get to lickin'.

So, expect more of the non-posting from Vern that you have become accustomed to through the next week as I rock the fuck out of another awesome work convention. And try not to lay on the ice like broads, Penguins.


Rage said...

Ummm....yeah. I think the Pens did NOT lay on the ice like broads, but c'mon...ONE fucking shot on net in the entire 3rd period? THAT was some Mike Therrien hockey right there, my friend.

Vern said...

Oh, absolutely. I had the same thought running through my head during that period, although they did have a few offensive charges that didn't lead to points. Bylsma is fortunate that his team won or there'd be plenty of second-guessing those decisions.