Thursday, November 12, 2009

Head and Shoulders and MORE

Troy! Troy, HUGE interception on that 4th quarter drive there. Looks like you read Orton's eyes the whole way there. And yes, I agree, your hair was shining the whole time and you owe that to Head and Shoulders and yada yada yada, but let's talk about the pick you made and not your excellent hair, ok?


Good point, Trent. Head and Shoulders makes my hair look good, we all know that. But I have to credit that interception to new Head and Shoulders...and More.

Head and Shoulders and More? What the hell are you talking about?

It's new from Head and Shoulders! Check it out! And please watch the should say "heck" instead.

You know the hair on your head is not the only hair on your body, Trent! I have to thank Head and Shoulders and More for my luxurious pubic mane! Check out this bush!

Uhhhh, Troy, I don't want to see your bush.

Sure you do, Trent, I can tell! Don't be embarrassed, there's nothing wrong with wanting to see what Head and Shoulders and More can do for a grown man's bush. Check it out! (pulls down pants to expose pubes)

Oh, God, Troy, I don't....WOW! Head and Shoulders and More did that! It's so shiny and luxurious and feels like one of those polar bear throw rugs! It looks like angel hair pasta!

I told you, Trent!

*runs off to the locker room*

I have to get some of that stuff!



*Head and Shoulders and More slams down onto table in commercial*

Shine up your bush like Polamalu's and give it the respect it deserves! GET YOUR PUBES IN THE GAME!


vernwaxeshispubes said...

So Ed Orgeron is the narrator?

Vern said...

Waaaaay too many lowercase letters.