Wednesday, May 20, 2009

James Harrison doesn't respect his own blackness

I love the internet. It allows me to read the retarded opinions of others and comment upon them when I can't come up with any original thoughts of my own. And today, that honor belongs to Calvin Watkins. I can only assume that Watkins is a black man himself, because if a white dude wrote this he'd be fired faster than you can blow past DeAngelo Hall on a post route.

Steelers linebacker James Harrison doesn't want to go to the White House on Thursday to meet the president.

Thanks. We've heard.

After the Steelers won the Super Bowl in the 2005 season, Harrison didn't meet President Bush. But this time, with Harrison again saying he'd rather stay home, he's upset a few people.

Because last time, he was on the kickoff team. This time, he's the NFL Defensive Player of the Year and he compounded things by defending his decision with a ridiculously asinine comment. It's kind of like how bouncing a check for me wasn't a big deal when I was using it to pay the cable bill, but then everybody was pissed when I did the same for child support. The nerve of you people!

Here's a main reason why Harrison should meet President Barack Obama: Obama is African-American. The historical significance of that alone should prompt Harrison to get to D.C.

What? Are you fucking serious? James Harrison should go to the White House just because Obama is half-black? That's absolutely fucking asinine. Is it so that he can witness it and actually believe it? He's seen Obama looking quite black on TV. And he's in the NFL. He hangs out with a lot of black people. He's seen blackness. With the team showers, he's probably seen more black cock than an ambitious secretary at BET.

Harrison, who is African-American, is getting ripped for
this statement to a Pittsburgh television station last week: "This is how I feel, if you want to see the Pittsburgh Steelers, invite us when we don't win the Super Bowl. As far as I'm concerned, he would've invited Arizona if they had won."

It would be more accurate if you rephrased it to say "Harrison, who is borderline-retarded, is getting ripped for this statement last week". Why does his blackness matter here? "Magic Johnson, who is black, has AIDS". "My computer, which is black, keeps freezing at the start-up menu". "Michael Vick, who is black, physically raped some dogs". The blackness is about as important to that sentence as the actual lyrical content is to a Soulja Boy song.

Tuesday we were told by Harrison's agent, Bill Parise, that his client is proud that America has an African-American president.

As opposed to saying "my client hates America because it elects black people".

But he's still not going to see him.

Because he doesn't have enough respect for blackness. Shame on you, James!

It's Harrison's right not to attend the White House ceremony honoring the Steelers. But what makes several people of color concerned is that Harrison doesn't want to see the country's first African-American president.

It's not James Harrison's fault that those people of color are also morons. Does Aaron Smith not have to go to this one? Should we expect Heath Miller to stay at home as well? I mean, they both met a white president when the Steelers won Super Bowl XL, right?

We talk all the time about our athletes not making statements when it comes to political issues. Harrison wouldn't be making one here by going -- if he chose to go, it's something he would remember the rest of his life. But not attending raises questions about whether or not Harrison understands how important it is.

NO! It's his call if he wants to go and take a bunch of pictures at the White House with Obama. Have you ever seen one of these gatherings? THEY ARE NOT FUCKING IMPORTANT!

It's history.

No, the election was history. This is a football team going to meet the historical president at his crib. Let me rate the two on a scale from "not history" to "history":

Electing a black president: HISTORY

The Super Bowl champs visiting said president in May: NOT FUCKING HISTORY

Last November, after Obama was elected, several Cowboys players asked reporters who they voted for. African-American players, Chris Canty and Jay Ratliff, expressed how proud they were in seeing a person of color elected president.

Hear that, James? You are letting Jay Ratliff's entire family down. You could see the pride in Chris Canty's face. It was magical. If pride could make you erect, he would have been.

It was important to them. Harrison said its important to him too, but you can't tell by him skipping the event.

No. Let me explain this again...James Harrison believes that the US electing a half-black president is important. James Harrison does NOT believe that a football team visiting said president is important. Why is this so hard to believe?

There's a report out of Pittsburgh that cites Harrison's fear of flying as his reasoning for not going to Washington on Thursday. If that's the case, he should be embarrassed.

At least he didn't write this gay article.

If he really cared, he could drive to D.C. Get someone to drive him. Carpool with some players. Make it a fun trip.

Yeah, James, inconvenience some of your teammates. It's all in the cocktastically delicious name of history.

Harrison should stand in the Rose Garden with his teammates and savor this special moment. Harrison's agent said it's got nothing to do with President Obama's policies -- Harrison wants to stay home.

Maybe he already savored it enough WHEN HE WON THE FUCKING SUPER BOWL. Stop making me use caps.

That's fine. But one day, Harrison will regret it.

James Harrison will forget about this in no more than 20 minutes. You on the other hand, Calvin Watkins, are a lost cause. This is the kind of stuff that sets race relations back.

God, what a fucking moron.


vernvisitsobama said...

Calvin Watkins, who is black, wrote a stupid article.

Symo said...

And what did Obama do to the Steelers when they got there? He put them to work stuffing boxes for the troops overseas. They didn't have to leave Pittsburgh to do that.