Friday, September 4, 2009

Hoes in Different Area Codes

LUDA! I love how the sideburns look like dripping skeetshots. Well-played. I'm guessing he got it done at a salon called "Nappy Hour".

Anyways, this isn't a hair-critique blog. It's a blog about hoes and hymens and raping waitresses and getting cockwhipped and Pierre McGuire and rap lyrics and sporting satire and anything but hair. And this entry will focus on the hoes. Specifically, how Ludacris has them in different area codes.

Well, I travel a lot for work. Maybe not "a lot", but a good 8 times a year. And I've realized...not only do I have hoes in different area codes, it's actually easier to have hoes in different area codes. It's so much more difficult to maintain hoes in your own current area code than it is to have them in other ones. Hear a player out. A ho in your area code is going to eventually want more from you and your cock or decide she wants nothing to do with you. And your cock. Yeah. But a ho in another area code knows for a fact that you and your penis are just flying in and leaving. She doesn't take it as a slight when your cock leaves. I mean, you live far away. You were just in for a few days. Doesn't speak to her at all about her worthiness as a wife or whatever you wenches think about. But local hoes...they want to be loved. They don't want to be used and left. Every single local girl I have inevitably gets fed up with just being the target of my jizzshots without fail. But the girls in different area codes? They just want to use my wang as much as I just want to use it on them. It works perfectly. Seamless. No drama at all.

So you know what, Ludacris? I'm on to you. Having hoes in different area codes doesn't make you a pimp. It just makes you a reasonable person with a penchant for flying. So in the meantime, I'm gonna go fuck some chick in Iowa.


Grumpy said...

I get what you're saying, but Iowa? I'd re-think that one.

Symo said...

You are 100% correct... out of town pussy is sooooo much easier, and better. I've never been the playa that you are, but if my aging ass can get action, then I'm sure you must be swimmin' in it. Here's to airfare!