Friday, September 4, 2009

It's Tricky: Lil' Scrappy

It's Tricky is a segment that will cover just how tricky it is to not only rock a rhyme, but to also rock that rhyme right on time. First up is Lil' Scrappy. Of course he has Lil' in his name. He also seems to like gold a lot. I guess that's standard for rappers.

Anyway, in the old (2005 I believe) Young Jeezy song "Bang Bang", Mr. Scrappy comes strong with the following line:

Gotta lifetime of trouble and my brain still nervous
I don't rep the A by mistake I do the shit on purpose

Uhhh...who reps a city on accident? I can imagine rappers actually repping the wrong place and being told about it to shocked dismay.

"Oh shit dog, fuck, I totally thought I was repping Baltimore and I ended up repping Des Moines!"

"WHAT! You mean I was born in Pittsburgh and not Houston? FUCK! I'm totally repping the wrong place!"

"I can't believe I was repping Vancouver the entire time! ATLANTA IS GONNA BE SO PISSED!"

"Why didn't you guys tell me that I was accidentally repping Key West instead of Buffalo? I hate you guys!"

Gunpowder Jones knows EXACTLY where he is repping at all times. You can take that to the bank.

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