Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The challenge

I occasionally write at a second website (usually involves copying certain things from this site over) as "Newman". I know the guy who started it and he offered me a chance to put some stuff on there back when I started this place and had nary a viewer.

Well, another one of the guys who writes over there got tired of all the weight-loss, fit, what-have-you challenges that they always held over there and wanted to hold another type of challenge...one birthed from pure vanity. Behold, the first annual (probably not) AofG Meathead Challenge!

The goal? Well, we are two similarly sized fellows, both with a max bench press in the 225-265 area. The race is to 315 lbs. Winner is the first one to get there or the last one to stop trying.

I don't think my frame can support a 315 lb bench press, but I'm going to go for the gold here. VERN DOES NOT LOSE INTERNET CHALLENGES, and you can take that to the...uh, Paypal.

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johnny said...

I'm not really sure what your frame is, but what helped me out was not overtraining my chest.

I increased my max bench from 215 to 300 the last six months by really focusing more on my shoulders and back.

The exercises that work best for me are a lot of pull-ups, rear delt rows, military presses, and shrugs.

Best of luck.