Tuesday, March 24, 2009

F it. I'll take Wordpress's advice

That's right, Wordpress. You go girlfriend. They gave me some advice a few weeks ago, and I told them to go and play with themselves...but things have changed. I just went a whole week without posting anything and then got served by some fake article claiming that the Pope told Africans to use Bibles as condoms, and so now I have come crawling back to Wordpress. First order of business is step one of their list of suggestions...

"Some of the best ideas come from readers. Read through your comments and check for interesting questions, provoking thoughts, or anything that could become a good post topic. Focus particularly on any comment threads that contain a spirited discussion among readers. If it's hot, run with it."

Excellent suggestion, Wordpress. I was busy for so long just completely ignoring everything that was ever said on here, but now I need to make amends with the commenters who have commented and listen to their suggestions. And from that post, Symo essentially asked me to break down the Global Warming debate using only hieroglyphics and a Venn Diagram. So let's do this.

First, we are going to need some hieroglyphics.

We will refer to scientists with beakers of random liquid, because that seems sciencey enough. Let's start the Venn Diagram...the left circle represents the "yes, humans are responsible" side of the argument while the right represents the "it's a natural cycle aspect.

It seems to me that more scientists tend to think that this warming cycle is not natural than think that it is, but you can find some of both arguments and so I'll just go two to one on my Venn. The Venn isn't exactly supposed to be a perfect mathematical representation of the argument.

Next, we'll represent the people, companies, etc. with special interests influencing their minds as opposed to actual data. They will be represented by money.

While Al Gore and others may be making a bit of change by selling carbon credits to morons, I think that most of the moneyed interests want us to believe that global warming is not occurring because the trucks they make get 8 miles to the gallon. So I've put more of them on the "natural-cycle" side. Again, if you want to debate this, you can start your own blog entitled "Responses To Global Warming Debates That Use Venn Diagrams and Hieroglyphics" and see how many hits you get. Probably less than Rihanna got.

Finally, we will represent the millions of people who have absolutely no idea what they are talking about and get all of their info from fellow idiots on TV and radio with penises.

There, I even threw a black one in there for diversity. I bet you that does wonders for my placement on Google search results.

So, that's pretty much it. That right there is the Global Warming debate broken down using a Venn Diagram and hieroglyphics. Can't wait to see what Wordpress has for me to do tomorrow!


Symo said...

Exactly what I was looking for, thanks!

Lori said...

that was pretty much amazing.