Friday, July 18, 2008

Blogs are gay

So is this one. You have probably just reached it if you searched for something like "gayness", "man-on-man", or "tangled penises". Sucks for you, as you will find none of that here.

Eventually, to the 4 people that read this, I'll think of something to write. Like, do gay dudes get really excited to jack off? Because not only are you getting an HJ, you are giving an HJ as well. Touching a penis. Gays love penises.

But until that day, well, go fuck yourselves.


AB said...

you have blog-guilt.

I check every day.

at lease one of us needs help.

Boxcar Fritz said...


Vern said...

This is like, my most commented on entry ever in the history of my entries. Ever.