Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I must sue all of those who make jokes!

Does anybody think that picture above is George W. Bush?

I didn't think so. But if you said, "Hey, Vern, I don't think that is George Bush, but he does have an odd resemblance to Charles Barkley", well, my friend, you are not alone. Charles Barkley also thinks that Frank Caliendo is too much like Charles Barkley in his impersonations and had threatened to sue Caliendo along with another of Caliendo's oft-parodied sporting figures, John "Rubber Tits" Madden.

It had gotten to the point where DISH Network actually filed a suit to certify that the spots were legal and preemptively avoid being sued by Barks and Madden. What, you say? This was in March and isn't topical anymore? I don't care. I only like one thing topical, and that's my skin bronzer cream. You can join Barkley and Madden while they go and fuck each other...luckily, though, they are in this together thus are able to avoid having to just go and fuck themselves.

Regardless of whether you think Caliendo is lolzy or not (I personally think he's great on radio, and ehhh not-so-great on TV), there is no fucking way that you can agree with Barkley and Madden based on merit alone. Madden is just pissed and has a well-known hatred of Caliendo, while Barkley is...I don't even know. I'm a huge Barkley fan and cannot believe that he was actually considering a lawsuit against Frank Caliendo. This short white guy uses your accent on TV and you think people are going to confuse the two of you? More people would confuse Young Jeezy for Mahatma Ghandi than would confuse Barkley and Caliendo.

I know we live in a litigious society, but damn, guys, lawyers are still going to be able to find work without famous people suing other famous (or somewhat famous) people because they hurt your feelings. I'm afraid to do my Terri Schiavo impersonation these days because I fear that someone from her family might see me doing it and bust out the lawsuits. Hopefully Charles and John receive a gift package from Tampax with the quickness to help them get over these mean things Frank Caliendo was saying as them.


Caitlin said...

I have a home video of me smiling at a balloon and looking a little downy that I wanted to put on youtube...but couldn't precisely because of my fear of Schiavo litigation.

Boxcar Fritz said...

That's a funny picture of George W. Looks like he's put on some pounds.

Ryan said...

Nobody sued George W. Bush when he did his Terry Schiavo impression the last 7.6 years.

Mainstream political humor musing! Now I'm heating up!