Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The latest in the fight against Black AIDS!!!

While looking at the similarly absurd articles about the latest comment by McCain that somehow made him racist or the most recent three-syllable word used by Obama that likewise made him an "elitist", this man, Roland Martin, noticed something that made his recent research irrelevant by comparison.

Some black people have AIDS.

"But after logging onto Tuesday and seeing the bold headline: "1 out of 2 with HIV in U.S. is black, report says," nothing else really mattered."

Exactly. While making up only 1 in 8 or so amongst the U.S. population, black people make up 1 in 2 U.S. Americans afflicted with HIV. And so he calls for our leaders to ignore the war in Iraq, the economy, the climate, whatever, and focus squarely on the number one issue in his life: BLACK AIDS. A picture of black AIDS follows:

You can't miss the blackness of that AIDS. It's unmistakable.

Roland...listen. There are bigger issues to the campaigns right now than black AIDS, or even AIDS in general. Sure, you'd like someone to fight black AIDS, and then hopefully also have enough time left over to fight white AIDS, and then Indian AIDS, and probably not Chinese AIDS unless we have time but we probably won't, and so forth. Obama is campaigning internationally right now (for what reason? I'm not quite sure), and he's not really talking to audiences that have the U.S. AIDS crisis at the forefront of their lives. McCain is busy trying to convince America that he's not going to die in office, and really, the last thing they want to hear about is what care he's going to advocate for Magic Johnson.

Roland also wonders why African AIDS gets so much more attention. At this point, it becomes necessary to explain percentages to Mr. Martin. There are places over there in which 1 in 2 people have AIDS. And they don't exactly have the treatment that we have here at Mt. Sinai. But hey, anytime you want to compare the AIDS crises in America to that in Botswana, go for it. CNN has been doing a bang-up job recently.

Black communities are not going to be decimated by AIDS. Just because a few people have AIDS does not mean that they are going to AIDS-fuck it into everybody else. And what do you think McBama should do? Tell these dudes with AIDS to stop fucking?

"And then there is the personal responsibility. It was sickening to watch the young lady in Soledad O'Brien's "Black in America" documentary fret about the results of her AIDS test. But what was horrible was realizing that she suspected her man of cheating, yet chose to have unprotected sex anyhow. These folks need to be hit between the eyes with common sense. You can have all the flyers, e-mails, Web sites and PSAs you want, but if the two people laying in bed together, or even the IV drug user, don't do their part, we're just wasting time and money.

HIV and AIDS are 100 percent preventable. No one has any excuse today not to know what safe sex means. We must have the courage to say what needs to be said, even if it's painful to our sisters, brothers, friends, frat brothers, sorority sisters and church members."

Those two paragraphs are written in ancient retard, which was spoken fluently back in the 1830's. You think people who use needles and fuck gay dudes don't realize that they can get AIDS? How the hell are you going to educate them? What are you going to tell this chick in the documentary? You are going to hit them in the eyes with common sense? That is one of the single most vague, pointless things I've ever read. Do white people have a better grasp on how to prevent AIDS than black people do? It has nothing to do with poverty or anything? Just skin color? Gotcha.

And for this guy to say that HIV is 100% preventable through safe sex just seems wrong. I mean, I'm not doctor, but I have a feeling that you can still get AIDS with condoms. Regardless. The answer is not more flyers and websites, it's a steady dose of common sense right between the eyes!

You heard him, leaders and other black people. You need to tell your black friends that dicks can give them AIDS, and you need to do it today.


AB said...

Of course, of that 1 in 2 people in Africa with aids, they're black, too.

So, the point's still valid, jerk.


Ryan said...

Whoa, I'm not musing on this one. I think I just got Contact Black AIDS just skimming it. Virtual toilet seat in the upright position, Vern.