Thursday, July 24, 2008

I'm going to fuck all of you homos in the ass!

Apparently, that is how you show someone how gay they are. You fuck them in the ass. As I'd seen pointed out, sort of illogical, no? I just can't see how putting your penis in another man's ass shows them how wrong they are for...well, presumably for putting their penises in the asses of other men. Or receiving it. Or listening to Joe Jackson songs. Whatever the gays do.

As of yet, the promise of hatefucking the asses of gay men nationwide has not entered the agenda of either McCain or Obama, although since Obama is a Democrat and thus obviously gay himself, I don't see him incorporating this measure. McCain possibly, although he is over the legal erection age and may not want to remind himself of this every time he wants to rape a gay man in the ass as a display or power and righteousness. We'll leave it up to the Iraqis, who are so fucked up that they make Floridians appear capable of rational thought. Of course, I wouldn't go around fucking any gay men in the ass in Miami, or you might catch the AIDS. Even Troy Williamson could catch it down there.

Similar to the premise of the old Onion article, why do all of these homosexuals keep making us rape them in the ass? Homos, we are trying to do you a favor and show you the errors of your ways. We aren't trying to engage in any kind of unbridled release of our deeply hidden gay fantasies. This hurts me just as much as it hurts you, trust me. So bend over and take it like a heathen.

It's tough carrying this moral torch, but somebody's gotta do it.

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AndSheWas said...

I think I would have fucked you had I read your blog in college.