Thursday, July 24, 2008

Manatees are not yet extinct

Say what you want about these sick looking animals, they sure can take a raping in stride and shrug it off, just like a Miss America contestant. However, the fact that these fat motherf-ers are not yet extinct bothers me. I don't own a boat, and really have no desire to get one. However, the potential to kill manatees with it is quite alluring.

Somebody has to do something, and that somebody just may be Captain Vern. Regardless of how "majestic" you think a manatee is (and if you really do think that manatees are majestic, you should probably be busy making jewelry out of painted rocks), I'm still going to kill it. Look at that thing. What is it doing swimming there? Go into the ocean, you douchebag, or you are going to get killed by a boat. Jeez. If Anne Frank were a manatee, should wouldn't have lasted 2 minutes in hiding. She probably would have been dancing in the living room behind a potted plant or something. If God really loved manatees, he would have made them a lot smarter.

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Anonymous said...

Look, a manatee cougar: