Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Demarcus Ware does not deserve the DPOY over Jimmy Harrison

A picture of Ware from the site I'm going to reference

Dan Telvock has a bone to pick with the NFL Defensive Player of the Year voters. Seems like Telvock, a Cowboys blogger, thinks the award should have gone to NFL sack leader DeMarcus Ware.

Telvock's article states:

DeMarcus Ware didn't get one vote for NFL MVP this year. And although he received a baker's dozen of votes for the Associated Press Defensive Player of the Year, he still didn't come close to winning the award.

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison won the award. Harrison led the Steelers with 16 sacks and seven forced fumbles and helped his team secure a second seed in the NFL's playoffs, despite getting crushed by the top seed, Tennessee Titans.

The Cowboys, however, didn't make the playoffs after an embarrassing finish to a lackluster season. That must be the reason that a majority of sports writers and broadcasters chose another player other than Ware, who led the NFL with 20 sacks. Ware received 13 votes compared with Harrison's 22.

Baltimore Raven's Ed Reed, Titans Albert Haynesworth and Steelers Troy Palamalu rounded out the other vote getters.

Did sports writers hinge their votes on the team's overall success?

Yes, Telvock. Well-stated. Thorough. Concise. Awesome.

I love the cheap shot he takes at the Steelers for losing to the Titans, forcing him to admit that the Cowboys themselves sucked on so many balls that they actually know what a vas deferens tastes like. He also conveniently leaves out the fact that the Steelers beat the Cowboys and held Ware to one sack and no other tackles for loss, even though their line can best be described as "more easily penetrable than Michelle Duggar". Why didn't Haynesworth win then, Telvock? He was on the best team in the league by record, and they beat the Steelers. That should be enough, no? You cocktickler.

Let's look at Ware and disregard the rule that the NFL sack leader automatically wins DPOY, mainly because it doesn't exist.

9 of Ware's sacks came in three games. One was against the Giants, so I'll give him that. 6, however, were against the Rams and the Seahawks, two teams that suck at just about everything. I don't believe that Ware went up against Walter Jones and got three sacks. I won't believe it until someone proves it. If not, he would have been blocked by Random O'Clanahan, a second year tackle out of Blow Your Uncle State. In fact, if you look at their schedule, you'll see that in large part...it sucked. How did this team miss the playoffs? Don't let that tough stretch at the end fool you...they played a schedule that the Steelers probably would have won 14 games against. If I had access to rankings and time, I'd look up the sack stats of all the O-Lines that Ware and Harrison played against. But even then, I'd have to look up who they were matched up against and running backs and stuff that I don't have time for. But, I don't profess to be some blogging authority like this dude.

From the site:

Dan Telvock

Dallas Cowboys Examiner Dan Telvock has been a Dallas Cowboys fan for 30 years. The professional journalist is making a name for himself as one of the lead bloggers on the internet for all of your Cowboys news and analysis. When it comes to the Cowboys, Dan is definitely one source you want to bookmark because he doesn't miss the scoops.

Yep. He's the fucking man. Did you read his article? He calls himself a professional titfucking journalist? You have to be raping me in the face. You have to be legitimately standing in front of me with your genitals out, forcing them into my face, and thinking that I'm just going to sit there and take it. This guy is employed by a legit outfit? And he's making a name for himself? We should bookmark him? I'm going to create my own Firefox app called "Disregard" and I'm going to disregard him. I'm going to right click on his name and pick "disregard", and he's going to disappear to the disregarded area of my internets. That's what I think of his analysis.

Now with Harrison, a few of the same arguments can be made. Harrison did have one three sack game against the Texans, who weren't disgraceful but still weren't good. He also, however, had big games against Baltimore in an OT win, San Diego in a close win (his INT and safety probably won that game for the Steelers), at New England and against Indianapolis. The guy was a force, and while I'll disregard the holding argument because it's largely subjective, he was often double teamed and still found time to excel in coverage and against the run while not blitzing. He had 20+ more tackles than Ware and one more forced fumble, while sitting out the last game of the season against the Browns. While this might not be that much more impressive than Ware, it sure as fuck implies that Ware was not "robbed" because he didn't win the award. Silverback Harrison was just a beast on the NFL's best (by the NFL's statistical measures and according to footballoutsiders.com, at least) defense. So f you and your sloppy mainstream writing, Dan Telvock.

Thanks to Cotter from One For the Other Thumb for getting me hip to the game on this guy's article.


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