Thursday, January 8, 2009

McNugget Love

*nice car pulls up in the rain*

*smooth R&B music begins to play*

*Vince Young begins to sing*

Baby, why you be creepin' all up in my house all late and shiiiiiiit

While I'm tryna play my Madden franchise where I haven't been bennnnnnnched yet

Also I don't throw nearly as many picks as I do in real life because I have the difficulty real lowwwww, I'm on pace to throw for like 6,000 yardssssss

*hoping Vince Young doesn't notice her pulling up*


Thought I wouldn't notice, but I'm right out here in the fuckin' raiiiiiin

I'll forgive you, you triflin' bitch, if you just give me some mcnuggetsssssss

*eats mcnugget right in Vince Young's face, pretty much daring him to beat the fuck out of her*

*Vince puts helmet back on and sings*

Bitch, I could put you back on the streets where you belonggggggg

If you don't give me one of those fucking 75 cent mcnuggggetttttsssss

*no mcnugs for you*


But biiitchhh, I just want....fuck it.

*music stops abruptly*

Fuck it. I make 5 million fucking dollars a year, and you want to play games with me over some mcnuggets? Fuck it. I quit. Have the damn mcnuggets, you whore. I don't even care about mcnuggets anymore.

Just fuck it. I'm going to take my shirt off and drink Patron straight out of the bottle.

Oh yeah. I feel much better now.


Lori said...

That was the most hilarious thing I think I've ever read. You amaze me.

tecmo said...

And...I just got back from lunch. You made me go to McDs and get some McNuggets.

Girl, you got a ten piece now don't be stingaaay.

VY knows whats up

Get Fresh Designs said...

I love sad vince.

great post.