Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pile Inspector

Wow, Jerry Jones. Really? Ray Lewis is going to fix your team? For $25 mil over 3 years? Are you that jealous of Dan Snyder's free agents?

As the first comment in the article suggests, Zach Thomas was already supposed to do this. That didn't work. Now it's Ray-Ray's turn to pray away the chemistry issues, I guess. Good luck.

The major implication for Steeler fans comes after Ray leaves Baltimore. Do I still hate them as much? I think so, but I'm not quite sure. Much of the hate that I have accumulated for the Ravens is a direct result of them paying Ray Lewis to work for them. If he retires a Raven it may be different than if he leaves to take Jerry Jones' ridiculous contract, and I wouldn't blame him if he did. That's an assload of money for a 33-year old murderer linebacker and he should take advantage of Jones' senility while the offer is still on the table.

I'd love to see the pile inspector work his magic in the Cowboys locker room. Maybe I'll see what Dan Telvock thinks....after all, he is one of the lead bloggers for all things Dallas Cowboys.

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Rage said...

"i really hope this doesnt happen, ray lewis is the face of the Baltimore ravens and hes been a raven forever, i hope the ravens are able to make him a respectable offer, if he went to a garbage team like the cowboys it would be a crushing blow to the spirit of the Baltimore defense."


Jerry Jones is proof that just because you have fucktons of money doesn't mean you aren't an idiot. With that in mind, be it known that having fucktons of money has more to do with timing and dumb fucking luck. No brains, no "blessings", etc...chance, dog...like the motherfucking lotto