Friday, January 16, 2009

Argument that chaps my balls: Big RBs wear down defenses

Above is Le'Ron McClain, FB/RB for the Baltimore Ravens. Bruiser. Big ass mother f-word. This week he says that he hopes to wear the Steelers out so that they don't want to tackle him in the fourth quarter.

And that chaps my balls.

And this is nothing against McClain, who is a good runner. Bettis said it, Eddie George said it, hell, everyone says it. "Big running backs wear down the defense. When that 4th quarter comes around...oh man!". I disagree. I'm about to get real assumption-y:

Now, let's assume that an elite NFL RB gets 20-25 carries a game. And this big guy is an elite RB. Let's say 15 or so of these carries are in the first three quarters. And we'll even assume that the secondary is not coming up and making stops on him. That means each of the front 7 defensive players averaged about 2 tackles on the big RB in the first three quarters. That's supposed to wear them down? Please. They are going to get worn down just playing the game, making any tackle, taking on blockers every play, etc. It has nothing to do with the fact that a big running back wore them down. Any running back will wear them down. It's just the nature of the game. And now they aren't going to each be able to tackle the guy one more time because of this? I just don't see it. Tell me I don't get football or something. I don't care. You'll just be adding even more chap to my already chapped up balls.


Symo said...

Yeah, I'm with ya on this one. Aren't ALL running backs, even the guys who aren't "big", over 200 pounds, and in really good shape? Besides a couple exceptions like "The Refrigerator" Perry, they're all strong, tough guys. Maybe it's because the little guys can run to the outside more often, but every team has a big RB somewhere. Whatever.

eyebleaf said...

You know what someone at work just told me? That big running backs wear down defenses. Crazy shit.

Vern said...

Please tell me you hit him/her.