Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I need to write something


I don't really know what I'd classify this blog as, but I guess that after looking through most of the recent posts that I have to lean towards a sports blog. And I'm only calling it a blog because it's on Blogger. Normally I'd call it a "site". Fuck blogs.

Regardless, that would explain why I have absolutely nothing to write about. February sucks for sporting events. Plus, I haven't been hit on by any cougars within the past few days at Lums, accosted by any homeless people outside of Hess gas stations, or received any texts from junior high school girls asking me to meet them for appletinis recently. So WTF indeed, man.

And, they are making me do work at work. I've never been part of any all-male bukkake session, so I can't even comprehend how gay it is that they are doing this. I'm imagining it is very gay. I'm talking George Michael singing a ballad about tangled penises gay. This work precluded me from doing a Peter King rundown yesterday. Note: Peter King is still a pissdrinker.

Hopefully, I can get it together soon. I know the eyes of the world are upon You Lay on the Ice Like a Broad. AND YLOTILAB WILL DELIVER!!!!

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