Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Spicing up the Pro Bowl

Hot. That's Drew Brees in what looks like last year's (2008's) Pro Bowl, ready to fling the rock against the AFC...uh....Pros. All-Stars? How about fuck that. These ugly ass uniforms and no-name teams are just not going to cut it anymore.

We need to name the teams.

You can't say GO NFC! in a bar without looking like a complete dumbass, and that needs to change. I attempted to get an "Here we go, AFC, here we go, AFC's goin' to the Pro Bowl!" going on Sunday but to no avail. But if I had yelled "GO AFRICANIZED HONEYBEES!!!", things might have been different. So these teams need names.

The Dicksucking Albatrosses is out, as Braylon Edwards has already legally trademarked that name. However, the cats is not. How about the NFC Cats?

Let's get a random guy to model this jersey.

Tell me that is not a top seller. SERIOUSLY. Email me and tell me. Call me and tell me that this would not be a top seller. DO IT. If not, I'm going to drown your entire family.

This would be so much easier with Photoshop. Damn you, computer that just has MS Paint on it.

Let's see what the AFC LIONBEARS would be modeling.

Sweet logo, AFC! LIONBEARS IN THE HOUSE! I would rock the fuck out of that commemorative T-Shirt. Let's see how our random modeler looks decked out in Lionbear apparel.

Lookin' good, Terrelle Pryor!

This could lead to some awesome jerseys. The Venomous Snakes! The Bucking Horses! The Widemouth Bass! I'm almost 497% positive that I'd buy one.


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