Monday, February 2, 2009


Wooooo! Thanks to the Sports Frog's AB for the idea. Apparently, whipping it out on the internet leads to big things.

That begs the question, after Reed and Holmes...who is going to end up with their wang on the Gores this offseason? Polamalu? Big Snack? "Swingin" Dick LeBeau? The suspense is killing me.

I'd like to actually write something but I'm just not all there today. Twas a long night. Woo.


White But Still Hip said...

AND I think we'd all feel bad if we didn't mention the huge win Marquette had over Gtown on Saturday.
So, does anyone remember the play where James Harrison punched that dude in the back, then pushed him down?

Vern said...

Of course. The 2-inch personal foul penalty.

eyebleaf said...

charming photo.