Wednesday, February 25, 2009


WHAT?!?!?! There have been rumblings that the Celtics were looking to acquire Marbury in the past few months, but I took them as just that. Rumblings not likely to happen. And they did not.

But now, as Marbury has been bought out of his contract by the Knicks and is currently a free agent, it appears as though he is going to work out a minimum deal to go to the Celtics.

Yes. The 46-12 defending USA and Canada Champion Celtics. Those guys. The guys that don't currently have figurative cancer.

Marbury, on the other hand, is the absolutely human embodyment of team cancer. Cancer of the basketballs. If your basketball team is a middle aged woman and Marbury is the tits, you would have to schedule daily mammograms just to even be able to sleep at night.

There is no reason for the Celtics to do this. They don't need Marbury. I don't care how skilled or talented he can be. HIV is a very, very talented and skilled virus. It is resistant to just about every form of treatment and has formed many virulent strains. Yet, I don't want it anywhere near my penis.

This would be like the Steelers siging Terrell Owens. Or the Boston Bruins signing Sean Avery. Or the UCLA Bruins signing Ted Kaczynski.

Please....somebody tell me why the Celtics would consider this.

Thanks, Nancy.

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tiny350Z said...

I hate anything NBA... but for some reason, this has gotten me heated. I don't like this guy, and don't think he should have been picked up by a good team like that.