Friday, February 27, 2009

NFL and Hawaii slap-fighting over the Pro Bowl

Above: Jake Delhomme and Peyton Manning meet at the Pro Bowl in Hawaii to compare postseason interceptions.

As you may well be aware of, the NFL wants to spice the Pro Bowl up by having it held the week before the Super Bowl, in the same town as the Super Bowl, so everybody that is gathered in said town for the Super Bowl can completely ignore it in person.

Well, I guess they felt bad about slighting Hawaii, because they have talked about rotating it year-by-year on the mainland and with the traditional spot in Honolulu.

And Hawaii said fuck that.


Not that it's a big deal, since nobody cares, and I mean, fuck Hawaii, but some of the quotes in the article suggest that Hawaii is trying to big time the NFL and tell them how much they are fucking up to sacred tradition of the AFC Coach Bill Cowher Bowl. And it's kind of funny to me.

She added that moving the Pro Bowl a week before the Super Bowl would eliminate the "best players" from attending the all-star game.

"She" (the mayor of Honolulu) is an idiot. Does she think that the Super Bowl teams just play another game the week after and call it the Pro Bowl? I think three Steelers made it and I can't see anymore than three Cardinals on the team, either. It's usually all Redskins. Actually, I think the entire Ravens team made it this year. They could have held the game in the parking lot of Ray Lewis's church.

The NFL claims not to have heard from the state, which is quite strange, as I have just heard from the state by reading this article. Like, I know the state's position. Play it here every year or fuck off. I'm surprised that a league whose head has grown as oversized as the NFL's has is trying to be nice here and compromise with Hawaii, but I'm sure that in the end they are just going to let Hawaii do as it pleases and happily have the game ignored on the mainland.

Actually, I'm not going to say no one cares about this daytime soap opera. Andy Reid and his coaching staff are hanging on every word.

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This post, along with any post NBA or Marbury related should be placed under Labes: Who gives a Fuck.

Pierre McPenis as coach of the Pens? C'mon Vern, that would be dumber than your grammy watching you pissing on yourself.

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