Monday, September 15, 2008

Gossip Corner


OMG, this little tidbit is a juicy one! If you hadn't noticed, Braylon Edwards' BFF Michael Phelps was in the audience for the epic Browns-Steelers tilt last night to watch the teams pile up a combined 50 or so yards of total offense. And not just in the audience, but in a luxury box as a special guest of Browns WR Braylon Edwards!!!! Just a friendship, or Phelps traveling to Cleveland to watch his lover do his thing on the field? Well, according to rumors, it's the latter.

An unidentified source familiar with gayness in the Cleveland area who claims to play for the Browns tells us that Phelps met up with Braylon and the team in the locker room immediately following the game. This source, who claims to be a backup quarterback for the team, said that Phelps came to offer Edwards a shoulder massage and console him after the game. He mentioned that the man-love between the two of them was "so hot" and "you could really see it in their eyes that they cared". However, he would not divulge any of the activities that occurred in the shower area after the initial embrace, as he considers this part of their relationship to be a personal matter.

Edwards and Phelps were seen together later in the evening entering the Box of Cocks, Cleveland's preeminent gay establishment and home of 2-for-1 Appletini Sundays. They were not witnessed leaving the bar.

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