Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Laying on the Ice like Broads

Literally. The Bulgarian women's hockey team lost an Olympic qualifying match by a score of 82-0, although they fared slightly better in their earlier 30-1 and 41-0 losses. I have nothing to add to that, just noting the perfect example of broads laying on the ice like...well, broads.


AndSheWas said...

Excuse me if this question grants me total "Laying on the ice like a broad" status, but where did that blog name come from? And what does it mean? Is 'the ice' a euphemism for 'diamonds', and 'broads' actually means 'smugglers,' and 'lay on' means 'kill mining slaves'?

Rage said...

@andshewas- major points for even coming up with that wholly reasonable explanation of the holy blog title- the awesomeness of your response gives you a universal pass from all teh lameness