Tuesday, September 2, 2008

You do not have an athletic bodytype

Sorry, 84% of people on Myspace...you don't.

Unless I'm getting the qualifications for athletic bodytype confused, which is surely possible. Maybe it just means that you posess the ability to move.

Myspace might as well just ask the question "do you have an athletic bodytype?" and leave the only two possible answers as "yes" and "kind of".


wrap around curl said...

Freakonomics has this charming analysis of dating websites and data provided. And how more women are blond than the national average and men exaggerate height.

AndSheWas said...

You also need to watch out for when people fudge on the "Are you male/female?" question.

Vern said...

I remember that now. I think I read a digital copy of Freakonomics that I stole off the internet.

And I have had more issues with the lying about genders stuff on Craigslist. Damn you, Casual Encounters!