Friday, September 26, 2008

You lay on the road like a broad. And then you get killed by an Acura.

That there, folks, is the most fucked up image in the world. A map of Florida. Good old Florida. The gayest hick state in the country. The land that time just ignored. And a terrible place to lay on the road like a broad.

Seriously...what the hell? And all in the Tampa area, which is like taking Miami and Jacksonville and crossing them together in the most fucked up way imaginable. God created Tampa on the 26th day after waking up with a vicious hangover and having to be at work in 10 minutes. And all within a month of each other, as well. Which means that it's probably not over yet. Bad things tend to come in threes...what do retarded things come in? Should I feel bad that I am making fun of some dead guys? Of course, they did decide to lay in the middle of the interstate like broads, so I guess my behavior can be excused.

Regardless, don't lay in the middle of the road. Even if you don't do it like a broad.


AndSheWas said...

That IS some weird shit.

In New York yesterday we had some cops taser a mentally retarded naked dude who was standing on an awning. The dude fell to his death. Is that kind of like this?

Vern said... That is not really like this. I don't think. I bet you wanted to touch his mentally retarded wang anyway.

Rage said...

Social Darwinism, Vern...sit back, relax, and let it happen.