Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Argument that chaps my balls V

Yesterday, I was listening to some talk radio in the morning when the hosts brought up something about Obama's 60 Minutes special where he talked about (insert what he talked about, because I'm done with this politics stuff for a few months and they don't make a fuck slight enough for me to give at this point). Well, at one point he got to talking about college football and it's need for a playoff system. Right on, Obama. You fucking tell 'em! Well, one of the hosts then made a ball-chapping statement that I've heard a few times in defense of the BCS...the regular season wouldn't matter without it.

Now hold the fuck on there, cowboy.

Wouldn't matter at all? If you took the top 8 teams?

Right now, I'll concede the argument that without the BCS, the most important games of the regular season would be less important than they are now. But these games wouldn't be important at all? Please. One game a week is important now. Here's what we have now:

Penn State playing Michigan State for the season finale this week - irrelevant

That recent LSU-Georgia game - meant nothing

Michigan at Ohio State - meaningless

BYU at Utah - Meaningless. I believe these are two undefeated teams. With an 8-team playoff, they'd be playing to see who gets to crash the BCS this year. Right now, they are playing for the right to go to the Apple Jacks Bowl.

Plus, just about all of the games that were important under this current system would still be important. Texas Tech - Texas would have been important because Texas Tech was #7. Florida-Georgia would have been important because Georgia was still alive. The games would still have meaning.

So don't chap my balls, man. It hurts.


AB said...

ed to #5? Too hot for YLOTILAB?

Vern said...

Douche. But that's not douche as in douchebag, it's douché with the é on the end. So it's pronounced like touche but still signifies that you are a douche.