Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I just got back from taking on the polls earlier (lololol), and while the experience wasn't bad, it was kind of shady getting there. The local polling station was inside of a trailer park with a front gate that just happened to be down, just like the picture above. No signs, no nothing before the gate. The person ahead of me turned around, and so did I. Then I thought...no, that can't be right, and turned back around. A lady in the booth will then let you in. Not a hassle or anything, but it...just seemed a bit shady. I'm skeptical, and I'm not usually one for these kinds of theories.

The people voting at this location were those that lived in my apt. complex, and those that lived in the trailer park complex. Judging from the signs and things I heard from the people (one older lady told another older lady that she was moving to "coal country", to which the other lady excitedly remarked "Palin country!", and the other old lady was like...no, coal country), the 55+ trailer park tilted to the right. My apartment complex, however, is mostly young people and college students. I'm just guessing that we would tilt left, although I have nothing else to base this on (there are no political signs in my complex, so it could be that you either aren't allowed to display them or people just don't give a fuck).

Now, the most likely scenario is that this was coincidental that the gates were down and hypothetical there were potential Republican voters inside and Democratic voters coming in. They could have just not thought anything of it since the gates are down everyday (having the polls in a gated community is kind of shady in itself, though). But...couldn't they have just left the gates up today? Or put a sign on the way to the gates? Just seems like they will end up keeping a few people out, and my gut feeling is that someone made these decisions on purpose.

Am I crazy? Or maybe just wrong?

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Rage said...

You're right, Vern. It sounds shady as hell, but the whole gate up. gate down is waaay into the gray area, verging on black. Somebody did think about what they were doing. Think of it as a basic intelligence test, though and it will make you feel better. If you weren't smart enough to get past the unlocked but closed gate test, you aren't smart enough to vote anyway.