Wednesday, November 19, 2008


*knock on door*

Oh, a visitor. Hines, put on your smile face.

Oh, hey Bengals linebackers.

were gonna get u hinds

Oh, that's cute. I'm sure you guys will.

hinds u hurt keith rivers cuz ur dirty and were gonna come after u

That's just football, man. We aren't gonna play any vagina-ball. You can ask Troy, although he'll put it in much nicer and more refined language.

hinds were gonna find u and were gonna hit you rilly hard

I'll be out on the field on Thursday, Bengals LBs. With my head on a swivel. And I suggest you do the same.

*leaps at hinds*


Whoa, Brandon Johnson. Wait until we get out on the field.

*puts down bowl of milk*

milk milk milk

*purrs while drinking milk*

u may have 1 this battle hinds but 2morrow victirry will be ours

*bengals LBs walk away while purring and rubbing up against each other*

Marvin Lewis has really installed some toughness in those guys, hasn't he?


Life_As_A_Redhead said...


This truly defines the NFL, right now.

AB said...

i don't know why anyone would create LOLspeak for laughing their fat ass off.

Lori said...

"We aren't gonna play any vagina-ball"

That's amazing.

Rage said...

hines ward has a big ass head