Monday, November 10, 2008

Hey, Lil' Wayne

You too, Kanye West.

Put that God damn Autotuner away.

Yeah, it was pretty cool at first when you took T-Pain's gimmick and used it on a song. I chuckled a bit. I said, hey, this is pretty sweet. Surprised no one else has done this yet. You, sir, are an innovator.

Unfortunately, now I just think you are annoying. At least turn the damn thing's taking over your songs. It makes me not want to listen to them, and that's really no way to go about getting people to listen to your songs. That "I Can't Believe It" song with the aforementioned T-Pain? You completely ruined it. I can't listen to the end of that partial-birth abortion of a song. It's like you declared jihad on my ears. Actually, jihad on my face. Because my entire face hurts when you do things like that. It's like molding some annoying, retarded steel into balls and being teabagged with them.

So put down the damn Autotuners, gentlemen. You first, Wayne, and then the rest will follow. And if your "daddy" Birdman does it again like he did in that stupid Shawty Lo remix, you will all be drowned in the tears of orphans. Because they cry when you make these songs.


wrap around curl said...

I enjoy that song Let It Rock. Until Lil Wayne has to go and dick it all up with his yapping.

Vern said...

He did the same thing to the new Akon song. Young Jeezy gets all gangster and then Lil' Wayne comes on singing like a 12 year old girl that wants to shoot you.

tecmo said...

That shit was only cool back when K-Ci and JoJo used to murder it out.

Anonymous said...

peter frampton is to blame