Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Blogger's block

I've got nothing to write about. Straight drawing blanks here, players. Above, enjoy a random picture of a sacred cow.

Something needs to happen so I can continue to write nonsense on the internets. I'm also thinking about bringing a webcam to a doctor's office and doing an online STD test.

While at a doctor's office last week to find out why I be all sick recently and stuff, I these Indian doctors get jealous when they have to perform physicals? I bet they do.

I still have yet to receive my Obama check. I guess I'll just continue working in the interim, but I have faith that it's coming and that it's going to support a decent lifestyle.

My car lease is up soon. I hope they give me a good deal, because I want the car. But I don't really want to pay for it. DILEMMA!

I don't get why so many people care about gay marriage. I don't. Either way. Why is everybody so fascinated by it? I don't care if the gays marry. I don't care if they don't marry. The main reason is that I'm not gay and I'm not going to get gay married.

Random thought is the lowest form of blogging. Really, this should be saved for stuff like Facebook pages and AIM profiles. But hey, whatareyagonnado?

After listening to some Ray Lewis interviews, I legitimately would not be shocked if it turns out the he is indeed gay and honed his dancing and jazzhands skills while singing show tunes in the team shower.

Seriously, people of the world, please do something that I can blog about. Oh, and alert me to it in a timely fashion so I can be ahead of the curve, just like my women. lolololol

I love the unexpected "lol" in emails and stuff like that. Like, when I get an email from some guy at work detailing some municipal treatment plant's flowrate and he throws in a "they plan on treating 30 million gallons a!" and I'm like, did you just fucking say lol in an email to me? Are you alright? Is everything ok? I'm not laughing out loud right now. In fact, I'm not even slightly amused. Why are you? Wtf? Should I really be lmao-ing right now? I guess just call me Lmao Ming.

Then I get fired for saying "fucking" in an email and being derogatory towards tall Chinese basketball players. The sacred cow can stay though, as it was determined that I am simply paying respects to a different culture. That's how I roll.

If I owned a sushi restaurant, I would certainly have the "Slow Your Roll" on the menu, along with the "Know Your Roll", the "Get Your Roll On", the "Honor Roll", the...holy hell, I could really see this going somewhere. I could easily fill up a menu with stupid phrases with "roll" in them. This place would be huge. I need to get on this.

I need to think of something for Ray Lewis and Vince Young to be doing together and then I may actually be able to create something bloggable. Until then, ehhhh, I got nothin'.


Get Fresh Designs said...

That was a whole long nothing, that's for sure.

funny shit though.

maybe Ray Ray can help Vince get out of his sad funk with some jazz hands.

Vern said...

That's what I had in mind but I need a spark.

Uncle Ebenezer said...

The fucking sushi roll thing is brilliant. I am actually shocked that I've never seen that before.