Monday, December 15, 2008

I could have been president in this political climate

Hey y'all, Cedric Benson here. I know that people have been asking me about Obama's ascending to the presidency and all that, since I have been familiar with the Illinois set due to my days with the Bears. And I can tell you, in this political climate? Man, I could have been elected president too, and I would have gotten at least 400 electoral votes.

This isn't taking away from Barack Obama at all man, I'm just sayin'. He been preparing for this moment for his whole life and I understand that. I know all the hard work that he put in. But, I mean, I take a look at the big picture here, you know, macroscopically and all that, and I see a political climate in which everything pretty much came together for Obama. If I had spent my life in politics instead of as an NFL running back, I most assuredly could'a became the first black president in this last election, and by one of the biggest margins ever recorded.

Look, not to take away from Obama, but the time was perfect for a fresh young black candidate to take the nation by storm and walk away with the presidency. Every time I looked on TV I saw a media just yearning to give this thing to Barack, and I know that if it were me? Fuck that, are you kidding me? I'd be giving speeches so sick that they wouldn't have even held the election. You know, if I had been practicing for that for the past couple years. I would have been the first black president if I wanted to, and that's real talk. The time was right, the stars were aligned, and Obama just happened to be there instead of Cedric Benson. Y'all remember that, cause it ain't gonna be in the history books that your kids read. But they should know.

Not to take away from Obama, as I wish him luck and think he'll do great things in office. But it could have been me if I had wanted it to be.


ab said...

eight people get this joke

Vern said...

That's why there is a link to click, abner.