Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Fewer dropped calls!

Cingular has fewer dropped calls than all of the other phone networks! We're fucking serious about that! To prove it to you people, we've enlisted the help of Braylon Edwards!

Hey Braylon!



*Throws football at Braylon Edwards*

*Drops ball*

FUCK! What the hell was that spinny motion you put on the ball?

You mean a spiral?

I guess. I haven't seen that in awhile.

Whatever. We have Braylon here to show you that we have the fewest dropped calls of any network. Hey Braylon, check out this 8125 Pocket PC phone, one of Cingular's many new phones free with a 2-year calling plan!

*Lobs 8125 Pocket PC phone to Braylon Edwards*

*Fumbles 8125 Pocket PC phone before dropping it to the ground, cracking the screen*

I think I broke it.

Forget about that. I'm going to call you now.


She said Young, why your voice so hoarse...I just sound like money baby I should'a been a Porsche (vroooom)....paint lookin' like a.....

(singing cuts off)

Cool ringtone. Hello?

Braylon, can you hear me?


Can you drop this call?

No. Why am I being driven through a random tunnel?

Braylon, you are in the tunnel and you still can't drop this call?

I cannot drop this call. I'm trying!

There you have it! Even Braylon Edwards cannot drop a call on the Cingular network!

Cingular, fewer dropped calls than any other cellular provider!

Braylon....Braylon? You there?......Braylon?


jerseyredwing said...

Hey! Where do I get one of them Dicksucking Albatross shirts!!! LMAO!!!!!

Rage said...

You're still the man. Send this along to AT&T, mad cash in advertising you know