Monday, December 29, 2008

Travel show!

Hey, Cabrini Green.

I want to pitch an idea for a show to the Travel Channel. They have all these shows with foreign douchebags going to islands and stuff and all that garbage, and homos walking through Europe, etc. etc. Well fuck that. People get tired of that.

For my show, they can just send me to the hood.

I'll go around the world to famous cities and all that jazz. And then I'll just go to the hood. And it will be special. I'll be in the hood. In the hood. In the mothafuckin' hood, yo!!!! Dog, I'll be scorin' mad blow from dealers in Seattle. I will smoke some crack live on the Travel Channel as part of my excursion to Toronto. I will be mugged and actually raped in a travel to the grimy hoods of Pakistan. Raped! On TV! That's ratings gold.

I'm going to find an email address and actually pitch this to the Travel Channel. I hope it works.


Rage said...

Don't bother. You'd last two episodes, tops, then what other whitebread is gonna take your place?

curtO. said...

Haaaaaaaaa. But when you go to Pakistan you should bring Tara Reid (or insert another hot washed up star)...let HER get raped, and she can start a spin off show 'Getting Raped in the Ghetto.' What's that mean for you?

Mo money. You get spin off money...BOOM. Do it!