Monday, October 6, 2008

Arians Nation

That's good ol' Bruce "The Walrus" Arians, Steelers Offensive Coordinator, prowling the sideline in his finest Getty Images jacket. Ol' Bruce unleashed some Roethlisberger last night, allowing the large, gangly superstar to throw 41 passes in a win over the Jacksonville Black Quarterbacks. Both Steelers who have their penises all over the internet, Jeff Reed and Santonio Holmes, played well in the victory. The line sucked a little bit less than they did in recent weeks, although Ben did step right into some sacks at some points in the game. And they did take a delay of game before attempting a two-point conversion, which is something I've absolutely never seen before. Whatever.

Point is, Arians didn't completely fuck up last night.


There were some plays where, get this...Ben threw to the running backs. And some where he threw to Heath Miller. It was insane. Nate Washington actually caught some passes. And he did so with his hands.

And a fade worked. Really. It happened.

It's always good to beat the Jaguars, a collection of beasts playing in teal in the middle of the heart of the Bible Belt. I hate the Jags. And for this offensive explosion, against the Jags no less, I am officially declaring myself to be a member of Arians Nation through the bye week. Get on this bandwagon, motherf-ers. We have to support Bruce as he continues in his quest to not completely fuck up every game. He needs us right now. And I think we need him, too.

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