Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The NFC East is teh r0xor

That bandwagon sure lost both an axle and 3 oxen over the past weekend while attempting to ford Overconfidence River this past weekend. The Cowboys fell to the questionable Cardinals, the Redskins lost to the FUCKING RAMS, and the Giants lost last night to the scrappy but-coached-by-Romeo-Crennel Browns. The only beacon of hope came out of Philadelphia, where the juggernaut Eagles managed to scrape by the 49ers, led by a quarterback that four people had heard of before the season. You go, JT O'Sullivan.

While the Browns can be scrappy, the Cardinals can be plucky, and the 49ers can be frisky, the Rams had been playing like partial-birth abortions out there on the football field and not in the good Brett Favre playing like a damn kid out there way. If you held a football game on a fishing boat between the Rams and 11 Lacy Petersons, the team of Lacy Petersons would most likely at least force overtime, even with Scott Peterson as the referee. And these Redskins were supposed to be the beasts of the east recently, since the Giants' out of conference schedule up to this point resembled that of Florida State. On top of all that, the Rams just made a coaching change to the perenially disproven Jim Haslett. And they freaking won the game! The 'Skins could have been the subject of an SNL "Really?!?!" sketch after that performance. So, there's a little piss on your fire, NFC East. Even DJ Khaled doesn't think that you are the best anymore.

It's really going to be nice not having to hear all of that NFC East garbage in the near future. Suck it, Giants.

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