Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ohhhh, gas station sunglasses

Ahhhh, the gas station rack of cheap sunglasses. Saw a guy try some on today, but I guess he didn't like the way he looked and he put them back. In fact, I've never seen anybody buy anything off the gas station rack of glasses.

But somebody must be buying them to justify keeping the rotating rack around. Do people really go into gas stations to buy some Bud Ice and say, "you know what, I could use some bright red shades"? Some of these were obviously designed by the world's best and brightest gayness engineers, tailored to represent the gayest of gay sunglasses design. EPIC GAY.

So, I will be keeping my eyes open for the guy who goes into the gas station for a Godfather's pizza, puts on a pair of the shades...and just falls in love. And you can bet I'll be sharing it with the world.


Boxcar Fritz said...

I buy gas station sunglasses all of the time.


Cotter said...

gas station sunglasses > gas station blowjobs

...not that I'd know anything about that...

Korn said...

Just found this site from a link on the Pensblog. I am hooked.

Is it bad that the Sarah Palin article kind of turned me on?