Thursday, October 30, 2008

Courtesy rage

By the way, FDot, thanks for the advanced heads up to the "upcoming" traffic.

We've all heard of road rage, and road rage sucks. Violence usually ends up bad when people aren't controlling 2-ton machines going 50 mph, but when you add in the cars you can get some pretty dangerous results. Plus, you look like a douchebag when you tailgate someone, beep your horn repeatedly, and yell through your windshield. I hate road rage.

However, I realized yesterday that I am prone to courtesy rage. You know, you are sitting on the highway, someone is trying to merge and you are like...ok, I'll let this guy merge. And you wave, and say "go ahead", and the dude just sits there with his blinker on. So you keep waving, and he doesn't go over, and 30 seconds later you find yourself screaming at this fucking idiot to fucking merge so HE CAN GET OFF OF THE MOTHERFUCKING EXIT HURRY THE FUCK UP!!!!!!

I do this on regular streets when people are trying to make lefts or get out of parking lots as well. Quite often. WOULD YOU FUCKERS GO!?!?!?! God damn it I'm trying to be nice here, retards. So stop drinking your juice and freaking go while I'm giving you the chance. Or else I'm really going to get pissed.

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Rage said...

and here I thought that was just for me...but not in a queer bukkake brady quinn way....dude vern, you should get down on some downtown charlotte, nc driving. I get so fuckin mad what I'm yellin at people doesn't even sound like english.