Monday, October 27, 2008

Record lows!!

That's right, it's going down to 55 tonight...and 52 tomorrow night! Just to give you an idea of how low that is, the record low for tomorrow is 58, set all the way back in Nobody cares. What a great year that was.

I am not Cuban. I'm a northerner, yo, straight out the banks of the dirty Monongahela. This heat really molests my soul. So you can't fault me if I have a huge erection in anticipation of this chill. That's really all that I have on this front...get it? Since it's a cold front? Lol?

I'm going to take my pants off.

1 comment:

Rage said...

I bet you lay on that glacier like a broad Vern

Can you tell I'm bored? I don't think I can tolerate another Pens fan meltdown at this point and it is FAR too early for drinking. Wake and bake anyone?